SHSU Vanpool

SHSU Vanpool

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star_vanpool_skylineThe SHSU vanpool is a commuter van for faculty and staff that runs between SHSU The Woodlands Center and SHSU main campus in Huntsville Monday through Friday.

The vanpool is not sponsored by Sam Houston State University. Rather, it is managed privately by faculty and staff of SHSU.

The vanpool leaves The Woodlands Center at 7 am and arrives at the Huntsville campus at approximately 7:45 am. Return service departs at 4 pm and arrives at approximately 4:45 pm.

The vanpool currently has openings for SHSU faculty and staff who are interested in commuting. Openings are limited and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, please contact Sheree Hughes-Stamm at sxh039@SHSU.EDU